Goals for 2023

Hey everyone,

The year is almost up, and I didn’t want to close the entire year with silence. 2022 did not go as originally planned. I had a major loss in the family, and I didn’t really have the energy to create or share anything this year. I’m feeling ready to restart my plans again. But I’m feeling a little boxed in by restrictions of my own creation, and so I’m going to remove them. Next year will be dedicated to experimenting with the projects and content I work on.

I was reminded that I create publicly because I don’t see or hear people like me in my spaces. The intent behind why I continue to post is to improve my communication and story telling skills. Creating content forces me to better understand what I’m talking about. I’m glad it also supporting others, leading to a collectively better understanding of a topic.

Boundaries on content are being established for 2023. I’ll still write about Rust or DevOps stuff (and a couple posts are in in progress too). I’m not committing to complete them in any specific timeframe, however. They are lower priority, so I can explore ideas outside of my day job. This is to reinforce stricter boundaries with efforts and concepts related to actively solving problems in my day job. Preferably, Day job-type content will be supported during day job hours.

There will be more update-type posts to document my progress on various topics in the short-term. I’m hoping to post more regularly in exchange of spending less effort planning and editing content. Hopefully setting the quality bar expectations lower will take a lot of the pressure off of completing something before posting, because this is supposed to be fun for me. Not an extension for work.

I don’t know how to end this so I’ll just keep it simple. Ranges of topics I write about will expand to outside of tech (but may be adjacent, occasionally). Plans will also include more than written content, as I’m trying to improve my video editing skills too.

Here’s to the new year, 2023. I hope it’s a better one.